A Book for Fathers with Daughters

For the second time I am excited to start this book. For some reason, I love to read, but have a damn hard time finding time to read paperback books. It’s a weird combo. I recently noticed, I do a lot of reading on my phone. Blogs, vids, a little finger flicken through Kelly’s FB, Medium, and whatever else pops up. I found my solution. Buy books through iBooks and read them on my phone. I got Strong Fathers Strong Daughters today.

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Worst Best Video Ever

Way back in my childhood years, my good friend turned me onto video editing. Ever since, there has been a small part of me that loves every minute of posting videos for the world to see. I want to do more of it, but haven’t figured out how to make that happen, so I post when I can. This video is bad, but it captures a time on the lake with my closest family that was soooo good.

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This is my little one. This pic defies exactly who this sweet littleĀ girl is. Determined, confident, not going to take shit from anyone type of girl. She is our pride, our joy, and knows exactly who she is and what she wants.

Don’t even ask her to smile for a pic. Your only joking yourself if you think she will. This little girl is all business.

Ava’s aunt Brianne took this pic today while we waited to get on the lake. I can’t even imagine what this same picture will look like in 20 years. In fact, I would love to freeze the growing stage of life right where it is.

My Advice to Ava at 2 years old.

Live life. Don’t take shit from anyone, but respect every person you come in contact with. The world is yours, control what you can and do not worry about the rest. Be you and only you. Teach, Learn, Work your ass off, and Never give up.

Only jump when you know the depth of the water, and dig until you find what you are looking for. Dream big and then chase those dreams every minute of your life.

Life comes and goes. It can be years, it can be minutes. Enjoy what you have and never take it for granted.

Be strong Ava, You got this girl.

Wakesurfing Slash (/) Man Night

I didn’t leave much time for myself to write tonight. I was on a boat. We were burning gas by the gallons, and I was hanging with the men, wakesurfing.

Lake nights are few and far in between. I try to sneak in one night a week as a staple, and I try to make it a standard for my summer life. I’ll never pass one up if I can help it.

It doesn’t have to be a man night. It just so happens tonight turned into one. I’ll take it either way. All I know is that I love to wakesurf and spend summer nights on the water.


People always talk about how you will become the top 5 people you hang out with. I don’t know if it is true, and I don’t know if it is right or wrong. I believe there is truth in it because I have seen the good and bad of all sides. The only question is, do you have the right friends?

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Being a Dad

It’s fathers day. All my girls are sound asleep, and I couldn’t force myself to stay in bed any longer. My initial thought was to hit the lake to kite, and my second thought was to sit down and reflect on being a dad.

Being a dad is a mixed bag of emotions and responsibility. Luckily, I have a great wife that handles a big part of the responsible side of things, which allows me to be me and keep life fun and exciting in and outside of family.

Being a dad melts my heart every time I come home after a long day of work to two little girls with bright shinny smiles on their face.

Being a dad gives me motivation to keep pushing boundaries to give my family the best life they possibly can have.

Being a dad brings more responsibility, and I like that. It keeps me grounded and probably saved my life.

Being a dad is something I always wanted, and am crazy happy I was able to make it happen.

Being a dad watching my kids grow like weeds really puts in perspective how short life really is.

Being a dad and getting big squeezes and smooches from my little ones keeps me humble and leaves me grateful for every moment I get to spend on this earth.

Being a dad gives me the opportunity to mold two little girls to become great women of the future.

Being a dad is tough.

Being a dad is something I will never regret.

Being a dad is another life learning lesson, and I can only hope I do it the right way.

Being a dad gives me true appreciation for my own dad.

From four years ago, to now, and forever, I will be a dad. I have a lot to learn about raising two women and I am stoked to figure it out with them. They probably don’t know it yet, but they have taught me just as much as I have taught them, if not more.

The concept of planting a few seeds that eventually turn into beautiful women is mind blowing. It is amazing to think that a few short acts can turn into something so incredible. Being a dad means life has been created, and I couldn’t be any happier where I am at.