A Book for Fathers with Daughters

For the second time I am excited to start this book. For some reason, I love to read, but have a damn hard time finding time to read paperback books. It’s a weird combo. I recently noticed, I do a lot of reading on my phone. Blogs, vids, a little finger flicken through Kelly’s FB, Medium, and whatever else pops up. I found my solution. Buy books through iBooks and read them on my phone. I got Strong Fathers Strong Daughters today.

I bought this book as a paperback almost a year ago now. I started it, loved it, and then it ended up in my night stand. I only got about a fifth of the way through the sucker. This time around I am confident I will get through it.

Instead of flicken through FB, I’ll read my book. That’s at least five minutes of reading. Instead of reading through comments on the toilet, I’ll gain another five minutes.

Another dad trick I found is to read while I watch toons with my girls before they go to bed. They don’t give two shits if I am reading or watching. They just like the snuggle and so do I. So I read often during those times. It would be damn hard to read a paperback like this though.

Either way, I only know a small amount of this book. It is filled with girl facts that will scare you and teach you how to be a better father ever if, you only make it through the first few chapters.

I’ll tell ya more later.