This is my little one. This pic defies exactly who this sweet littleĀ girl is. Determined, confident, not going to take shit from anyone type of girl. She is our pride, our joy, and knows exactly who she is and what she wants.

Don’t even ask her to smile for a pic. Your only joking yourself if you think she will. This little girl is all business.

Ava’s aunt Brianne took this pic today while we waited to get on the lake. I can’t even imagine what this same picture will look like in 20 years. In fact, I would love to freeze the growing stage of life right where it is.

My Advice to Ava at 2 years old.

Live life. Don’t take shit from anyone, but respect every person you come in contact with. The world is yours, control what you can and do not worry about the rest. Be you and only you. Teach, Learn, Work your ass off, and Never give up.

Only jump when you know the depth of the water, and dig until you find what you are looking for. Dream big and then chase those dreams every minute of your life.

Life comes and goes. It can be years, it can be minutes. Enjoy what you have and never take it for granted.

Be strong Ava, You got this girl.