Being a Dad

It’s fathers day. All my girls are sound asleep, and I couldn’t force myself to stay in bed any longer. My initial thought was to hit the lake to kite, and my second thought was to sit down and reflect on being a dad.

Being a dad is a mixed bag of emotions and responsibility. Luckily, I have a great wife that handles a big part of the responsible side of things, which allows me to be me and keep life fun and exciting in and outside of family.

Being a dad melts my heart every time I come home after a long day of work to two little girls with bright shinny smiles on their face.

Being a dad gives me motivation to keep pushing boundaries to give my family the best life they possibly can have.

Being a dad brings more responsibility, and I like that. It keeps me grounded and probably saved my life.

Being a dad is something I always wanted, and am crazy happy I was able to make it happen.

Being a dad watching my kids grow like weeds really puts in perspective how short life really is.

Being a dad and getting big squeezes and smooches from my little ones keeps me humble and leaves me grateful for every moment I get to spend on this earth.

Being a dad gives me the opportunity to mold two little girls to become great women of the future.

Being a dad is tough.

Being a dad is something I will never regret.

Being a dad is another life learning lesson, and I can only hope I do it the right way.

Being a dad gives me true appreciation for my own dad.

From four years ago, to now, and forever, I will be a dad. I have a lot to learn about raising two women and I am stoked to figure it out with them. They probably don’t know it yet, but they have taught me just as much as I have taught them, if not more.

The concept of planting a few seeds that eventually turn into beautiful women is mind blowing. It is amazing to think that a few short acts can turn into something so incredible. Being a dad means life has been created, and I couldn’t be any happier where I am at.