Falling off the Wagon

I just looked back at my last post and noticed I posted it almost 6 days ago. This bothers me because just 4-5 months ago I made a promise to myself that I would write everyday. And then life kicked in and I fell off the the wagon.

Just like that. I went from writing daily to not posting for over six days. Damn. I didn’t even know it until I looked back. Like life just passed me up and I didn’t even know.

When I look back,  a string of events lead to this. I made a decision to blog every other day so I could try to finish up a project on the off days. Then summer kicked in. Camping trips, summer projects, parties, days on the boat, getting hurt, and many other things happened in the last four weeks. None of these were accounted for when I made the decision to blog everyday.

I guess this is exactly what life is all about.

I will have to figure out ways to get my writing done when life takes a turn. I will not quit just because I missed a few days in a row. I will not let it get me down.

What I will do is get back on the wagon, and ride it out. I will find new times and new ways to prioritize my writing schedule.

In the big picture, six days doesn’t make or break anything. What does matter is that I get back up, look back at my failures and move forward.

So here I am, writing this article to reflect. Reflecting on everything that kept me from my goals and rethinking what my goals really are. I have to look back at my “why” and figure out if it is still the same today. And it is.

I will continue to write and work on projects that matter to me. I will continue to get uncomfortable when being comfortable is the easy route. I look to push myself, not to exhaustion, but to freedom and happiness.

Falling off the wagon is a good thing I guess. As long as you can get back on and reflect on your failures. Reflect on them as a reason to never let it happen again.