Bad Financial Advice

As I grew from a toddler, into a young child, then onto my teenage years and finally after I graduated high school and went to my first year of collage, I feel like I got some horrible financial advice. I’m pretty damn sure I wasn’t on my own.

We heard things like you need a credit card in the case of an emergency. You need to build your credit. Debt is good or at least OK. As long as you can afford your bill then you do not have to worry about it. Small payments are fine as long as you can pay them, and if you can’t you will still be ok. These were all lies and huge learning experiences that I will never pass on.

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Waters Essential

It has pretty much been proven out by every fitness expert around the world that water intake is key to your health and fitness goals. Some people right now are thinking health and fitness???… what heck is that? It’s ok, I’ve had the same thoughts and so have many other people around you every day. Just look around one day, you’ll see.

Instead of Googling every benefit water has for you, here are a couple opinions from my from my own personal experiences on why you should drink half your body weight in ounces of water every single day.

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Get it Started

They say that when you want to start something, you have to do just that. START. My first blog started sometime back in 2007 or 2008. Since then I have had a couple different sites and with all of them I had to do the same thing, Start.

If I remember right, I didn’t know how, I didn’t have the perfect domain name, and I remember not knowing what the hell I was getting into, and I really didn’t know how to write.

Nothing has changed today. I know I have an erg to do something better, to change the world through my work and to get my thoughts out on a piece of paper to figure it all out. It’s not an easy place to be and it almost hurts to think that I am going to go through it all again.

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