Family Slackline Night

About a week ago, I completed day 67 of my project and ended up hurting myself. This must be a sign of old age. Nah, Nah, I hate that saying. I hate it because I am only in my mid thirties. I hate it because getting old is just an excuse for getting hurt, and I hate it because this concept doesn’t make sense. The part I love is getting hurt made me concentrate on something totally different. It lead to a family slackline night and I am fine with that.

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Back to Back Wakesurf 360’s

This is the first time I landed two back to back 360’s in 2017. If I remember 2016 right, I only did it once last year as well. I’m pumped to see what the rest of the year will bring.

Enjoy the video.

One of My Weaknesses

Part of my lifestyle is chilling and hanging with friends. Part of chilling and hanging with friends is drinking and having fun. Part of drinking and having fun is responsibility. This is one of my weaknesses.

I do not know if drinking and responsibility fit in the same glass. We act like they do, but what’s reality.


Reality is having another, and then a third, and then… Sometimes it’s only two, but two can put you behind bars. So reality sucks.

I feel good where we are at. When I say we, I mean all my friends, my family, and everything in between. We drink, we have fun, and I think that is alright.

Since I know this is what we do and that it is a weakness of mine. I can control it. Or try damn hard to. We all work as a team. We all back each other up and I am grateful for it all.

Knowing yourself. Your strengths, your weaknesses, what you like and what you do not like, is something every single one of us needs to know. It’s taken me 35 years to finally figure out a small percentage of who I am.

The fact that I realized this part of life is a big piece of who I am, is a big step. What I do about it is another story. I like where I am, I like where we are, and I love the life we live. Sunday Fun day.

We have to keep it responsible. I’ll do my best.


Hobbies are Progress Busters

I often wonder if the things I love to do actually hold me back from doing more of what I want to do in the future. My hobbies so to say. I have had the same basic hobbies for the past 20 years. I wakeboard and wakesurf, snowboard, kiteboard (new hobby), and still love to do each one every time I get the chance. Would new hobbies change who I am and take me closer to who I want to be?

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My Day

Worked 6:45am to 2:45pm. Traveled for 1.5 hours (traffic goin’ North Sucked!). Wakeboards and Boat Life till 8:45p. 30 minute drive home and night time slackline. Blog done at 11:50pm. Good Night!