Wakesurfing the Secret

We try to get out on the lake at least once a week with nothing on our minds other than burning as much gas as possible by spending as much time as we can wakesurfing and wakeboarding behind the boat. So far, we have had it good, but that’s what happens when you wakesurf the secret.

Enjoy a short video of us bailing and trying to learn this dang sport.

The secret is a lake we found through friends and can’t stop going back. Let’s just say it is the worst lake you would ever want to be on. The landing only holds 5-7 trailers and the lake is tiny. You don’t want to go there or know where it is. Not to mention you will piss off a handful of fisherman. Those guys fish with guns and shit. Don’t go.

Other than all the negative crap about the lake, we love getting out there and spending as much time as we can behind the boat. We risk it. We have a lot to learn and probably need to bump these trips up from once a week to twice a week.

I think one day that will happen, but we need to pull a lot of strings to get there, but I know it can happen.

All and all, it was a great day. I would do this everyday of my life if I could. I am sure everyone on the boat would agree with me minus all the chop on the water. I also like making these vids. Everyday I don’t make one pulls at me one string at a time. The only thing I could ask for is some land with lake frontage and more of the wakesurf life. Everyone has to dream right.